Super-sized, extra large, all-you-can-eat, have it your way! Good old-fashioned buy one, get one free. Senior discount, free samples, where’s the beef?  Look at all the ways you can be fed after 50!

Our beautiful FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, recently turned 50.  She is waging a campaign for good health including exercise and healthy food choices.  Whether you are facing 50, feeling fifty or fancy at 50, you need to listen up.  Chickadee, you are not getting any younger and, depending on how your body speaks, you may have already figured this out.  You want your 50’s to be just as fabulous as other decades were.  One of the key things to pay attention to is how you feed yourself as you gracefully age. You can’t feed 50 like you fed 40 or 4, for that matter.

I know the food rules keep changing. The drug, food and medical industries research and change information often enough to confuse and confound even the most well read of us.  However, I’d like to give you some simple guidelines for Feeding 50.  Eat well.  Eat simple.  Eat wise.  Eat natural.  The body is a machine, and it’s made up of systems.  If you eat well, the machine runs well.  If you don’t eat well and are not nourished properly, you already have an idea of what happens.  The machine will break down. My most recent read was Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter.  He talked about what we should eat, like lean protein, low-sugar carbs and healthy fats (try olive oil, coconut oil and avocado).  If you are still following the Standard American Diet (SAD) you probably feel that way in your 50s – SAD.

Of course, you’ve heard you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  But you must learn to feed 50 another way. You can decide to take the bull by the horns and make change happen. But for some, change can be hard, extremely hard.  After at least 50 years on the planet, you’d think we’d have this down to a science.  But the research keeps expanding right along with our waistlines. Feeding 50 takes on new meaning, and it doesn’t have to be unpleasant.  This can be a time to experiment, to try interesting, tasty new foods.  It’s not too late.  Remember you can pay now with better choices and a healthier body or pay later as your body reaps the detriments of what you have sown in prior years. 

Bernice Kinney Cole

Bernice Kinney Cole

Feeding 50 can be new and exciting as you take a cooking class, try a new smoothie, venture into the land of raw food dishes, finally learn to cook, try vegan dishes or commit to meatless Mondays.  Your transition can be slow or jack rabbit fast, but according to the experts you’ll need lean protein, healthy fats that include coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil (please throw the “grease can” away), lots of leafy greens and veggies, and low-sugar carbs, if you must.  Try that tidbit for starters.

While you’re at it, lace up those sneakers and join the early birds at the nearest mall or gym for a great walk or workout before the hustle of your busy day starts.  Feed 50 with flare, food and fun that will make FLOTUS, and you, proud.  50Free is a great time to be well nourished inside and out.