My body had started rejecting all of the medicines that I was on. I had a physical and found out I was on the verge of a stroke.  My blood pressure had skyrocketed, and my glucose readings were off the charts.  I needed help and it needed to come quickly.

I went to a women's spiritual retreat sponsored by my church.  A guest pastor who I'd never met saw me. I'm sure she could see my anguish. She told me the Holy Spirit had told her not to allow me to leave the room before she laid hands on me for total healing.  She asked me how I was dealing with my diabetes.  I hadn't told her I about my diabetes, or anything else about my health challenges.  I had gained so much weight, she probably felt it was pretty safe to assume I had diabetes and possibly a number of other weight-related health issues. She blew me away when she asked if I'd ever considered gastric bypass surgery. Yes, indeed! I had done more than think about it. I actually started the process, then stopped. I just could not make up my mind. 

Another two years went by and I continued to struggle. Then my primary care doctor moved across the country.  I asked God to help me find a new one who loved their work beyond their remuneration, and He did.  My new doctor reminds me of one of those old country doctors in old westerns.  

As my health was falling, my daughter was also facing some life-threatening health challenges. Her gallbladder had hardened and her liver was on the verge of rupturing and killing her. Her treatment went extremely well, so I decided to consult her doctor about my issues. Her surgeon specialized in bariatric surgery. I consulted him and I sought God's will.  Should I have this surgery or continue struggling with my weight and health? God said, "Yes!" to my surgery, and I began to pray for every medical professional that would be involved. It was the best decision ever.  My life depended on it ads in my precarious state, I had to trust God and take a path many others thought I shouldn't tread.  But I had to take my life back.  I was literally sick and tired. The pain in my lower back and both knees was so bad, I was in tears daily. I made my choice,

I weighed 385 pounds on September 13, 2013.  Seven months later, I had dropped 100 pounds! My surgeon was so pleased with my healing process. Every visit, he gave me a big, beautiful smile.  

It wasn't a cakewalk. Reclaiming my health requires serious commitment and a daily regimen of exercise. I joined a gym and hired a fitness trainer to oversee my workouts three days each week, and my progress has continued to amaze even me!  I needed more discipline than I'd ever had, and an accountability partner. I found plenty of them on social media, of all places!  I was so grateful for the encouragement I received when I shared my story and pictures of my progress. But my personal transformation didn't end there. Every aspect of my life has been positively impacted - I experienced spiritual, emotional and social development, right along with my physical progress. 

God showed me exactly what we were capable of accomplishing together, and I want to encourage anyone else who needs to make a life-altering decision. You can reclaim your health and live without constant pain. Pray, listen and act. Seek support. You'll be amazed by the encouragement you give and receive just being a little transparent. Today, I'm down to 250 pounds, and still going. I've dropped from a size 5X to a 2X, and I feel so good. We are all on a mission and I am proof positive we can succeed together.