Hello, and welcome to Finally 50Free!  

As a woman of a certain age (oh, how I love that term!), I look life squarely in the face each day, make choices and expect certain outcomes. My actions may not differ much from what I did 30 years ago, but my perspective bares little resemblance to that time. My expectations are higher. I perceive less time to rectify foolish decisions, so I try hard not to make them.  I am not, however, bound or rigid or overly cautious. No, quite the opposite: I am 50Free. 


Spontaneity is so much a part of me now. My children are grown and independent (hallelujah), my parents are healthy and independent (glory, hallelujah), and my best friend loves to experience life as much as I do (Suitcase?  Let's GO!). So you might find us anywhere:  home or abroad, city or country, mountain or beach, land or sea. I can't tell you how much fun it is, and I don't want to. What joy is there in living vicariously?  I mean, really, is that even living?  No. Come see for yourself.

Take the limits off. Get rid of all your excuses. No money? There are plenty of fun, free things to do. Supporting others? But who is supporting you? Afraid? What will you gain when you conquer that fear? Not now? Then when?

I've decided this is my time. And my dream is to share it with you. Yes, I want to inspire you to pursue your biggest, wackiest, scariest, most powerful dreams. I'm going to introduce you to men and women from all walks of life who are committed to living and aging well, and who are pursuing theirs. My prayer is that you make that same commitment.  Join us!

Robin C. Green
Finally 50Free


50Free is all about dynamic living. It's a mindset, not an age.


This is our forum. Here we share inspiration and issues in an environment that views aging as a blessing; physical health as an expected and achievable right; and emotional well being as the reward for taking charge of your destiny. We celebrate the joie de vivre, and embrace each day with enthusiasm,  energy and spontaneity.  Finally, we are 50Free, and we're living happy, healthy and whole!


We work hard.  And play hard.  In between, we learn and love more than we ever imagined.

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