My BFF and I like basketball in general, but love women's college and professional basketball. These athletes are serious! They play hard and put the H in hustle. Even the star players work; they aren't posing prima donnas. Yet, they get so little support. Their Boards struggle to attract sponsors and advertisers, and to market their teams and players effectively, but they've had little success. The WNBA is down to half the number of teams it started with, and attendance at games is disappointing. The professional players are so poorly paid, nearly all have to spend half the year playing abroad to make ends meet.

It's a sobering reality when you're playing in sparsely-filled arenas built to accommodate men's teams and the fans that support them. But these women have the hearts of lions. Their camaraderie is absolutely infectious! They want it, and I want it for them, so I leave most games hoarse.  We support them by going to every game and event we possibly can. You can find us front and center at most Washington Mystics games. We're also huge fans of the Lady Cardinals of Stanford University, and attend as many of their games as possible, too. We need these options available to women for generations to come. Make it a point to find and support organized sports programs for women and girls. The benefits to our health, personal development and our future are proven and worth it!